Friday, April 26, 2013


Looking for a work outfit? here are some basic tips.

Tights are tricky
If you're anything like me, every single pair of pantyhose you own exhibits a rip someplace or another. If tights are needed to complete the outfit, and they often are, go for the thick kind. Im not talking about the sweater types, But just don't buy those skin color types that rip before you put them on. Tights with designs in them, fishnet for example, are a good choice because if they rip you wont really be able to tell. If your tights do rip however, you can use clear nail polish or hairspray. This wont fix the run, but it will stop it from spreading. After WAY to much searching, I've decided topshop is my favorite place to shop for tights.

Pencil Skirts Are Awesome.
you should always have a good pencil skirt on hand, they go great with a lot of tops. However, you need to have the correct body type for the skirt you choose. I found a great site about the type of body that goes with each skirt, which can be found here.

Professional doesn't mean expensive
Professional just means well groomed and nice looking. It doesn't mean slinky waiter girl dress, or a gappy club dress. just be yourself, and for goodness sakes wear something comfortable!!

You don't always need to wear heels!
Those huge, 5 inch death traps some people call heels aren't always needed or preferred. Some people prefer a good pair of flats or sandals. And that's fine! heels do look good for certain occasions, but even when they are worn they don't need to be huge. A kitten heel or wedge does just fine.

 products used:

  • birdcage necklace- from the street fair:)
  • glasses- chinatown
  • blazer-h&m
  • top- forever 21
  • skirt- a reve

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